RadMini 2 Step-Thru & RadMini 4 Folders DISCONTINUED!!!

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How many of you guys knew about this & if so, how long ago? I just so happened to go on the Rad Power Bikes' website yesterday, Fri., April 1, 2022 & I didn't see these 2 bikes anywhere so I inquired & even mentioned that I sure hope they haven't been discontiued & sure enough, they have been! Fiance' & I had decided to finally get these e-bikes after seeing so many positive reviews...THE MOST we've ever seen for an e-bike.

We called our store to find out if they'll still have parts, etc. for these 2 models for yrs to come becuase we're wary about buying discontinued bikes. They assured us they would. Now Rad Power's just-released RadExpand 5 is most similar...same size, it seems, but it has 4" wide tires, shorter stem, different handlebars (BMX style), & no front suspension, unlike the Minis we want.

We're planning on snapping up these 2 Minis before they're all sold out because these have the specifications & most things on our list of wants. Would you guys still take a chance on getting discontined e-bikes? We wouldn't normally, but RadPower has their OWN stores, they're not just some manufactuer that goes through middlemn store locations to sell their bikes. We're planning to go look at these bikes tomorrow. Any other comments at all, what other questions would you ask?
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Thanks! We ended up changing our mind & didn't get anything yet. We now want a new model that came out not so long ago from a different brand & I may start a thread asking how others have liked it. It's a model called Azaria by Eahora. Do you know anything about that one? It's got all the specs we like. Yes, the price is kind of cheap, but since we already spent $3K on 2 lemon e-bikes we have up here that break down every other ride, we can't spend an arm & a leg on another pair.
We have Motiv brand e-bikes now & right before that, had tried Ecotric, so they're just as cheaply made as the rest of them apparently. We've had nothing but trouble the whole last ys we had them starting about 3 mos into buying them. If we could redo it all over again, we may have started out buyinty Rad Power...don't know why we didn't know about them back then OR maybe we had heard of the brand, but just didn't go that direction.