Rad Sale


Heck of a sale over at Rad right now. $700 off Rovers and $500 for a Mission. Crazy good deals! They must be clearing out inventory for a new model, but at that price, it's hard to pass up.

In fact, I went ahead and ordered a Rover 6. I have a Wagon with 3000+ miles on it and I bought a Aventon Aventure, but don't really like the controller on it, so I'm going to sell that and go with the Rover.
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Been wondering about that too. If it wasn't barely a year old a new model would definitely be a leading candidate. Cars bump every year but they've been in a much longer release pattern. Overstock? Better cost/manufacturing efficiencies and attempting more market saturation? Bleak economic outlook and impact on discretionary consumer spending? Who knows.

After you ride the Rover for a bit it would be interesting to hear about the difference in the ride and handling between it and the Wagon.

What was the issue with the controller?
Yeah, looks like a number of bike companies are sitting on too much inventory. I'm with you, the Rover should not be due for a major upgrade seemingly, so I'd bet on an overstock issue.

The controller for the Aventure just has a different PAS feel than the Rad. I describe it as - the Aventon feels like an "E" first E-Bike, where the Rad feels more "bike" forward.
Rising inventory over time would be a big problem for all , also keep an eye over macro economic conditions.
If serious about a new purchase, keep in mind we have Black Friday coming up soon. From what I've seen, THAT'S the time to send your orders in. Best sales of the year by far happen about then (from ALL mfgs) ....
For those into woodworking, HD has a $560 Milwaukee router package with 2 batteries for $199.
thats not bad but unless you need cordless the weight and the balance kinda suck on those cordless trim routers. I would get one if I used one more because of my shop layout.