Yamaha Cross Core RC ….new bike day and a great deal.


There are some really great deals at Yamaha right now. I’ve been following this bike for sometime after reading about a group in the United Kingdom that rebuild engines and this was their choice of engine, if they had to buy a bike. I was following this bike but with $3000 price tag I waited till it went on sale at the shop for $2500 and got a $500 cashback from Yamaha as well as a free battery. That was approximately $2000 out the door with a battery. Don’t think there’s a better deal to be had right now.

So far, I’m very impressed by the fit and finish on the bike, but what blows me away is the automatic mode instead of picking your power level. This allows you just to focus on what your appropriate gear ratio is for the proper cadence and the power is handled automatically. I opted to go tubeless for the first time and upgraded to the Continental TR hardback tires.

I have a Luna fat tire bike and the difference between the two is so striking in terms of ride and power. I’ll still ride the Luna for grins because it’s a hooligan bike, but this RC seems like long distance travels in the future.


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Also have a Yamaha-motored Giant, they make a great drive system. The current Yamaha bike line is a great value. 2k for the bike and extra battery is a steal! Lovely bike, enjoy it.