Rad Rover vs Volt Yukon 750 ( 2021)

Congratulations! That grin on your face is visible from here my friend (Detroit).....

Best of luck with it.
I just left the Volt warehouse and bought the Yukon 750
I went for a test ride on the Volt Yukon 750 today after testing the Rad Rover last week.

The ride was basically the same but the 9 levels of pedal assist seemed better on the Yukon than the 5 levels on the Rad Rover.
The Yukon has a pre installed high quality rear rack. For the Rover the rack is an additional extra accessory you have to buy for $100 and it’s never in stock. From its picture it does not look as good as the Volt one. Volt will also install a front rack for $60 CAD. Radpower front rack is $100 CAD ( never in stock).

The Hydraulic brakes are nice on the Yukon which Radpower will be adding to the Rover 6.
The Yukon also came with a free high quality bike helmet.
The standard Volt battery is 17ah compared to the 14 ah on the Rover 5 and the Rover 6. For $50 CAD, you can upgrade the Yukon battery to a whopping 19 ah! That is 25% more than the Rover!

In summary, the riding experience on the bikes are equal with a slight edge going to the Yukon for its 9 pedal assist levels. Value wise with the bigger battery, hydraulic brakes, free rear rack, and free helmet, the clear winner is the Yukon. It’s also $50 cheaper than the Rover. I like the look of the Yukon better but that is subjective.

The Volt in my opinion, also has better quality control. After delivery from China, all the components are assembled, tested and inspected in Canada for quality control and the bikes are either picked up if you live in the area, or shipped directly to the consumer.
I was personally watching them do this before my test ride.
I believe Radpower just gets them delivered from China to a warehouse in North America and then ships them to the consumer. No inspection. More Radpower bikes are most likely to arrive damaged from shipping than Volts, but Radpower support is good at sending you a new part quickly.
You should also be aware that both bikes are considered factory direct to the consumer. So unless you live in Seattle, (Radpower) or Vancouver BC, ( Radpower and Volt) where they are located, warranty support from both companies will often be that they send you the replacement part with either email or video guides, and you install it yourself. Although Radpower is expanding mobile support in major cities.
If you want better warranty support go to a local bike store and spend $$$ for a big brand name bike.
All my opinions are based on spending about 25 hours reading everything I could find on both bikes on the net, plus visiting both Radpower and Volt locations, speaking to sales reps and test riding both bikes.
I will pick up my new a Volt Yukon 750 next week and hit the road.
Happy Riding.👍
Congratulations! That grin on your face is visible from here my friend (Detroit).....

Best of luck with it.
Yeah after going online last night and checking both sites and seeing the Yukon 750 could be 4 to 6 weeks out, I reluctantly went to the Radcity website and filled in the order form for the Rover.
All this research is making me road crazy. I can’t wait six weeks for the bike I prefer. I want to ride now! As I was about to click submit on the Rad Rover order form, I stopped and decided to visit Volt today. After test riding and talking to the sales rep he decided to check their inventory and presto found a 17 inch Yukon bike in stock for me! Yes I’m smiling 🙂 Fate was kind to me!
I just wanted to update. From my research I stated Rad Power is a much bigger company with better customer support. I picked up my Volt Yukon a week ago and I had a Rad Mini delivered 5 days ago for my wife. I had very minor issues with both bikes which I resolved. I contacted Rad support 5 days ago and never got a reply.
I posted a question on the Volt Facebook page and received a reply from Volt tech support within a few hours. Score one more for Volt!

PS I love my Volt Yukon. I put 75 kilometres on it in 5 days and only rode it after work later in the day for leisure.