Prodeco warranty issues

I bought a Prodeco Storm 500 in August 2014. I love the bike except I have serious warranty issues with the company.

About 6 months after owning the bike the handlebar stem bearings began to fail. After checking theire web page, and driving 50 miles to the designated Prodeco store in Austin, TX, I discovered it had been closed for several months. I also discovered that I would have to pay $40+ for the labor to replace a $12 part, as labor is not included in the warranty, and drive another 100 miles to do so. One reason I bought it was because they supposedly had a shop n Austin. Not much of a warranty, or current info on their website.

I have since moved to Colorado near the dealer I bought it from. About 2 months ago I gave him my original battery, which just died suddenly, for repair. He's a good guy, and told me the circuit board blew and he's been waiting for another one from Prodeco for almost 2 months now. Again, not much of a warranty if I have to wait 2, 3, 4, 6, 12 months or more for them to replace my battery and the bike is useless.

However, I had bought a larger 12 amp hr battery and had been using it. Unfortunately, due to riding on the rough, washboarded gravel roads here in Colorado, one day my battery fell off my bike. The rear mounting bar was nowhere to be seen and the forward mounting brackets had broken off, and thus my battery fell off.

Well I took it to the dealer, who told me that although there claims there is a 2 year warranty on the battery, the warranty only applies to the battery itself, and not the housing and replacing the bottom part of the housing was going to cost me $40 for PARTS AND LABOR. After I complained, he didn't charge me.

I'm still waiting for Prodeco tech to send the parts for my original battery and as I am writing this, I have been waiting for over 30 minutes for them to answer their phone and get off the "Someone will be with you shortly" cue.

Love the bike, hate the service.
After waiting a bit longer, I hung up and pressed the cue for sales and surprise, surprise, got a real person after just 2 rings! After bending his ear for a bit he tracked down my issue and supposedly is having it resolved.

Love the bike, hate the service!
thanks for letting us know about the warranty issues

and please keep us up to date on if they actually do get things resolved now
They had shipped the battery circuit board last week and Scott at Colorado E Bikes (great guy, does his very best to keep his customers happy) installed the day he got it and I have it now.

I haven't called Prodeco's customer service back so I don't know if they will still keep you on hold for 40 minutes, or all day, but if you want to talk to someone choose the "sales" option...they pick up right away. Seems like Prodeco has more interest in creating unhappy customers than keeping the ones they have happy.
well prodecos poor customer service has been a recurring theme everywhere you read anything about them

it is too bad

makes me nervous about buying a bike from them
I'm finding that out now. My rear hub motor is leaking lubricant, called them, emailed them, no response! I gave $2,365 for the Phantom XR and have only had it 1 month!
I just heard from the dealer, Orbit City Bikes, and Prodeco is sending a new wheel and motor. I'm very relieved because I love this bike, great power and range. I'm an early riser and have been going on 30 to 45 minute rides every morning before work since I got it. I live within a few hundred feet from a great bike path.
Had an X3 with heavy rear battery for 18 months, lots of miles. Never did anything to it, just rode it. Swapped the rear tire once, which was a royal pain. Took it to the dealer to get it done, actually. But that was it. Just send you a wheel to swap. That's what they needed to do.

No, they don't get reviewed here.