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hi all
so only after 18 months and a maybe 40 charges my battery charge GLI180AA decided to stop working and left me stranded. what's annoying is that 1) it's terribly expensive i can't buy a new one, and 2) giant warranty takes ages to kick in and send me a new one. This bike disappoints me more and more every day...where's the quality they claim?
Have you checked its not the battery, ask the shop to try it on another one.

We have a local electrical repair unit, they fix circuit boards for industries.
They will fix anything for 40 quid in two days, as long as it's not some crazy expensive part.
They fix boards for me all the time, they don't even ask what's wrong with it, 99% of the time they spot the faulty part straight away.
They have access to every single schematic ever made, I watched them searching a boiler board I brought in, it also lists likely failure points
He looked at it, picked up the board.
Yup it's this capacitor, had the board back twenty minutes later.

Well you could search for one in your area.
This is the company to give you a clue what to look for.

Have you checked its not the battery, ask the shop to try it on another one.

i don't have other batteries to check with, but what i can say is that the charger even when connected to the power does not show any sign of life, led is off, button does not do anything, cold and dead. while the battery still has 10% of charge...
If under warranty I'd take it to a Giant LBS and have them diagnose the problem. Some chargers won't output unless they can see the battery so the easiest way to check each is with another known working battery/charger.
I have steady supply of electronic cleaning spray.
Good habit to spray clean your charger, there's a tiny fan inside.
My Chinese made charger for my Monte Capro failed to charge battery. The culprit was the fan wasn't spinning.
I opened it that's how I know. Plug it in while everything is visible and that was it.
Cooling fan wasn't spinning. I sprayed a good amount of compressed air from a cannister and gave it a few solid smack with a rubber mallet. It's fixed after that I bought a new one anyway for back up.
My BMZ charger for my Bulls Evo bike, on the other hand hasn't failed 4 years and going.


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