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Ok, this doesn't have to do with an ebike specifically, but as Cervelo make an ebike now I think it's relevant.

Back in 2011 I bought a Cervelo RS and I rode it for over a decade and put over 20k km's on it. I was getting ready to retire it to trainer status when doing an overhaul it was discovered that the frame had cracked near the bottom bracket. I pondered for months what I was going to do then it occurred to me that there is a limited lifetime warranty. I submitted a claim to Cervelo and they honoured my warranty and they really took care of me.

Back in 2011 they had 3 bikes in their R Series, R5, R3, and the entry level RS which I had. As Cervelo no longer makes rim brake frames they couldn't replace mine and they only have the R5 left in their R Series lineup. They they gave me an R5 frame package to replace my old frame. I bought the cheapest Cervelo available at the time and they ended up giving me their most expensive frame when it came to warranty replacement. I opened the box expecting a frame, fork and headset and to my surprise I also got handlebars, stem and seatpost. I kind of suspected I might get a seatpost since the frame I have only accepts Cervelo's proprietary seatpost for this frame.

I thought I'd mention this because Cervelo make the Rouvida now and if people are wondering how Cervelo are to deal with warranty issues, well my experience was amazing!
Where are you going with this?
You want a cervelo ebike. Buy it man.
Some members here, me for example don't know what is cervelo.
Buy it ride it.
I thought I was clear with my last sentence that I mentioned it solely so people would get an idea of what dealing with Cervelo on a warranty issue would be like.

I'm not interested in a Cervelo ebike.

I will have an ebike again in the future, likely the Cube Editor which was just released, but I'm good without one these days.