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I got a daymak em2 with 100km and the batteries are like new .my problem is : with a full charge ,after 15km of ride , when I full throttle the power cut .On the site of daymak , the range is 60KM and I do only 15km. What is that problem ? Why is it doing it ?? The batteries have just 100km . If it is not the batteries , is it the controller?
This is an acid/lead electric motorcycle. Yes the batteries, plus the weight, plus the fact that it is not a bike. Sell it and get an electric bike and your problem will be solved. Electric bikes typically have the motor between the pedals and a lithium Ion battery that can weigh 1.3 Kg. that takes you up to75 Km with wind, hills, and stoplights. And electric bikes can go in bike lanes, use bike paths and visit parks. Electric bikes do not require registration. EB are the most efficient form of transportation ever invented. Good EBs do not have throttles. That is one way to tell. The also have operational pedals. This is what an electric bike looks like. Did you see independent reviews? Did you consider the physics? Please reevaluate. Then get a bike.


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