1. candyskullinked

    Help with Daymak Bluetooth Controller

    Hello Everyone, Just wondering if anyone possibly has a wiring schematic for the daymak bluetooth controller(DMK1892). I have a 48V Daymak Wildoose Ebike and I just replaced the controller with their newer Bluetooth one. Didn't realize how different the connectors were until it was delivered...
  2. U

    Power cut daymak em2

    I got a daymak em2 with 100km and the batteries are like new .my problem is : with a full charge ,after 15km of ride , when I full throttle the power cut .On the site of daymak , the range is 60KM and I do only 15km. What is that problem ? Why is it doing it ?? The batteries have just 100km . If...
  3. D

    How to unlock or derestrict a Daymak EM2 eBike to go faster?

    I’m having a hard time finding someone from Montréal, Québec, Canada to derestrict or unlock my eBike to get top speed? can anyone refer me to someone or a good tutorial as to how to do it myself? Cheers, Dd
  4. D

    Daymak EM2 Light-Up Exhaust Pipe?

    Apparently the Daymak EM2 2021 eBikes allow you to be heard, by turning on the built-in exhaust pipes and have them light up, while making real engine noises when you engage the throttle? However it mentions no such thing on the manual nor can I find any info about this on line, other than a...
  5. AngeloDeligi

    Daymak EM2 suddenly cutting power

    Hello, recently I got a 2017 Daymak EM2 and I took it for a drive and about 15km in the drive it started cutting power once I gave it too much throttle. The battery is at red when I go full throttle and it seems dead but is a dead battery a possible cause for this? Will I need new batteries...
  6. M

    Daymak Beast Bluetooth Controller Upgrade

    I had the fun of upgrading my Daymak Beast Ultimate this summer. While I made a number of changes, the biggest upgrade was the installation of the new Bluetooth Controller that Daymak sells (model #DMK1802LED). The process was complicated by the lack of information on how the controller was to...
  7. S

    Please Help! Daymak ebike brake or hub issue

    I desperately need experienced advice. I am the 3rd owner of what I believe is a 2008 Daymak Vienna however I believe it is a China made unit as all the writing on the controller and the batteries is Asian. I took out a small loan to buy an ebike as I do not drive and needed something a little...
  8. V

    Daymak Wild Goose vs. other fat bikes

    I'm researching fat bikes, comparing different brands/models. I really like Teo S fat bike, read and watched tons of postings and videos comparing it to Volt Yukon and RadRover bikes. However, there is another similar bike Daymak Wild Goose that I couldn't find any recent reviews (Jan 2016 is...
  9. S

    Ec1 advance error 24 message.

    Can anyone offer any advise or suggestions? Brand new bike .worked for 2 seconds then failed. Flashes "err 24" on digital screen. Thanks
  10. J

    Throttle problem

    I have a daymak em-1 I bought it used and had to drive it home 45 minutes in the rain the bike has dried, the battery's are fully charged but when I turn on the bike now the throttle goes for half a second then dosnt work but the bikes signals and dash still work, this is the weird thing. When...
  11. J

    Daymak Vienna Hub motor siezed?

    hello everyone, i am new here. i have a 2014 daymak vienna and it has about 5000 km on it (lol). so when winter came i was driving it a little before the original 3 year old batteries finally gave up. so i stored it in my room for a couple months. now fast forward a few months and now i picked...
  12. Tara D.

    Daymak Wild Goose

    The Wild Goose! What a great name! I am loving the welded rear rack and the orange frame, but if you don't you can also find this bike in red, white, and black. For me not being able to carry much on the rack would limit the use I could get out of this bike. What has been your experience with...
  13. Tara D.

    Daymak Paris

    The Daymak Paris is a very affordable bike and seems like it would be great for students. It even includes some good accessories such as fenders, chain guard and side mirrors.
  14. Tara D.

    Daymak New Yorker Folding Electric Bike

    A new review from Court and a nice little folding bike by Daymak check it out. The Daymak New Yorker is a folding electric bike that delivers pedal assist and throttle operation. You get an efficient but not super powerful 250 watt planetary geared rear hub motor and a 36 volt battery that’s...