Johny Hackz

New Member
hello everyone, i am new here. i have a 2014 daymak vienna and it has about 5000 km on it (lol). so when winter came i was driving it a little before the original 3 year old batteries finally gave up. so i stored it in my room for a couple months.

now fast forward a few months and now i picked up a new set of batteries for my vienna, only now my rear hub has completely locked up? i know its not due to the phase wires nor is it a polarity issue and probably not the hall sencors since its still locked right up even after i remove the batteries, the hall sensors, and the 2 mains.

im not afraid to open my hub but that means i need a puller, so that will need to wait. any ideas / ne wtroubleshooting techniques? also the chain will turn backwards no problem, but refuses to crank forward.

thanks everyone :)