Possible Giant Hack

After taking my bike to the main dealers with a problem it was discovered by a little known fact. All Giant bikes are sold worldwide with exactly the same components and specs. Apparently where they go and to what restrictions that country has with ebike speeds etc.
The bike is set up using the control buttons to a set sequence.
My problem was the motor cut out at 20kph instead of 25kph and apparently mine had been reset to the Chinese regulations.

I think I'd played about with the controller and accidently reset it to this. To set to the European regulations you have to turn the power on and press the light button 5 times in quick succession. The technician did this and everything corrected itself .

Makes you wonder if the USA settings are to press the light button 6 or 7 times to get an extra 5mph out of them.

I think the Chinese setup is about 3 or 4 as to how I accidently changed mine!

None of the technicians at Giant knew about this and was only told by the techs at head office when asked. They said none of this was mentioned at their training courses!!

Worth a look at and it really makes sense.
I have a fastroad e plus pro and moved the magnet on to the pedals what a difference no cut out at 25kph I easily goes to 35kph which I find a nice comfortable speed without straining the motor and once up to speed I dial back the assistance to 3 its smooth and effortless. PS I have had it up to 55kph but not a good idea its fast enough to kill you or someone else if you feel the need for speed do it where there are no people that way you'll only injure yourself😀