Yunbike motor cuts when weight applied with motor running, error 6 code


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When i turn this Yunbike on and press the thumb throttle, the e motor makes a click noise when i press it in and if i apply weight while its spinning it will cut off and give me an error code 6. In the PDF manual it says that means "protection from blocking messages".
We've volt checked the battery, volt checked the hall sensors, test the phase wires for the e-motor, did a continuity test on cables and all were fine. We even switched this bikes e motor with a known working one from my other 36v yunbike and it behaved the same presenting error code 6 when the motor cuts off. The cadence sensor doesn't seem to want to spin the e motor at all though i see it flash about 4 times, the sensor looks just like the other one but that one flashes 20 times precisely each rotation and will engage the motor after a full rotation on the crank arm (possibly more on its spin magnet). Being they're different year builds I'm assuming maybe its just different, I'm afraid of breaking the sensor pulling it off the bottom bracket but i cleaned it and seems to be firing properly but there is a crack on it but even getting the cadence lights to fire still no spinning of the wheel. Regardless even if the cadence sensor could move the e hub it will still most likely be low torque and give an error 6 code. Is there any way the board can be hard reset as it seems the board is in an off state or low voltage state? Is there any controller boards than can adapt. The light can be turned off/on from the LCD panel buttons but the led light has its own power button which is fine if the new controller can just power it. None of the components appear burnt or anything.


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