error code 10


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United Kingdom
Can any one give me some advise on error code 10,it all started after my 1500w rear hub motor started spinning backwards,i plugged my ebike tester kit into the hub motor and controller and discovered one of the hall sensor was blown in the hub motor,i replaced all the hall sensor as i brought a Hall Element Circuit Board PCB 41F Hall Plate and tested it again and all three lights, light up as it should on my tester kit,i put the wheel back on the bike and now have a error code 10 i still have all three light working on the hall sensor test and phase wires,i have tested all the wire's in the rear wheel from the hall sensor end to the 6 pin plug and phase wires and i have even taken apart the sw900 display to test wires from board to the connector and have no shorts,the bcp53 inside the sw900 looks fine as they can burn out when adding lights,, i have a brand new spare controller and throttle and still have the error 10,the only way to i can remove the error message is by discontinuing the the 6 pin hall sensor connector to the rear wheel or buy spinning the wheel slowly ,but as soon as i use the throttle it will turn backwards or show error code 10, but there are no shorts in the wire in the loom and nothing is shorting out to the wheel,i have even pulled the cable through the wheel and pulled it apart where it enters into the wheel where it bends and theirs no bare wires ,i then shortened it to make shore ,i am starting to rip my hair out thx