noob needs some controller help


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I have an old Hilltopper 24v 250w kit with a tiny battery that I wanted to upgrade to 36v. They (Hilltopper) sell a kit to do this for $400, which I think is excessive so I tried to do this on my own. The hub is a Bafang sensorless unit with an IP65 style plug on it (I guess Hilltopper specified). I got a 36v battery and a KT controller kit consisting of a KT36/48ZWSRD-ff01 17A controller, 900S led, thumb throttle and pas sensor. I plugged in the throttle, pas and led and ran jumpers to the motor from the phase wires. The hall plug on controller is left unplugged as I have no halls. LEd powers on and shows full battery. I've swapped around all the phase wires thru 6 combinations and the hub won't move. According to the info I could find the ZWSRD controller should be able to operate sensorless.

Any input or direction here would be greatly appreciated!