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Is the PAS detection ring MANDATORY in the state of CT or USA? Will an ebike system that includes it work without it? Can a simple 2 wire ON/OFF switch be replaced with a 2 wire throttle with the same connector or even hard wired?
PAS is not mandatory anywhere in the US unless it is on a Class 3 (up to 28mph) e bike in California.

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As far as using a throttle goes it seems they expect you will not be pedaling which while possible is not the case for every user.

Yes a stand alone throttle system is entirely possible as well as a stand alone PAS system which is mandatory in the EU where the bulk of the new breed of e bikes is coming from or the Asian manufacturers are trying to emulate.

There is a little more to it than an on off switch and two wires which is explained by others if you google e bike throttle perhaps.