Question about Tongsheng PAS levels and smooth pedaling- SOLVED!

No, I have noticed no clunkiness at lower PAS levels; in fact, mostly I ride in PAS 1 or 2. Bike is an Ariel Rider C class with a Tongsheng motor and Nexus 7 IGH. I do try to maintain a cadence in the 70 rpms (for which I use PAS minimally, but mostly gear selection). It may be relevant that I am a really old guy (like 86 yo). Maybe e the clunkiness of knees and hips drowns out the clunkiness of the motor, though.
Ha! I'm less than 86 and pretty active (walk/bike/hike/yoga) with no knee/hip issues so far and hope to be as active as you are in my 80's too :)
That is cool when you catch a little air launching a cargo bike! If you try the 42 ring, first try it in the lowest gears. If that looks, feels promising, then remove links from the chain and try it in all gears. I think you are right about doing 28. The idea sounds better than it is in reality. 18-22 mph is nice. I saw a collision speed/mortality chart for pedestrians hit by cars. The same would apply to hitting a curb, parked car, or USPS mail box at speed. I don't want to be in an emergency room. My buddies go 40 down hill on rural roads with rusted barbed wire at the side of the road.

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Woo hoo!!!!! Issue solved-it was the front chainring!!!!

Changed out the 52T to the original 42T, removed a total of 4 chainlinks and added a masterlink, to prevent chain stay slapping yet still shift smooth in all gears.
Kept the same 152 mm cranks and it works great!!!!!!

Instant power with no clunky pedaling, no matter the cadence. I pedaled super slow to fast- all smooth.
SOLVED!!!! The clunky pedaling was due to the 52T front chain ring. I put the original 42T back on, shortened the chain (stock bike was 52T) to fit and it works beautifully with no clunky pedaling no matter the cadence! Thank you all for your suggestions!!!!

I added a Tongsheng mid drive to a Tern Short Haul bike- its a 20" wheel, changed to a 52 front chain ring and 155 mm straight cranks. Not using speed sensor or brake cut offs.

This is my first ebike, first mid drive.

Noticed "clunky" pedaling from the start. The best I can describe it is- some resistance then feels like it slips when pedaling=clunky, on PAS 1 and 2.
At a higher pedaling cadence, it improves somewhat but still feels a bit "clunky".

I thought this is how it just is but very recently tried PAS 3 and 4- what an amazing difference! No more clunky pedaling no matter the cadence. Just smooth pedaling and incredible bionic legs!

I understand PAS 1 is minimal assist and imagined I would mostly be at PAS 2 with occasional 3 and 4 for boosts but the pedaling is so smooth at the higher PAS levels I don't want to go back.

For those with stock Tongsheng experience- do you experience some pedal clunkiness on PAS 1 or 2 too and just ride at higher PAS levels?
No. (In answer to your last question).