Our first ebike: 2021 Cube Town Sport Hybrid One


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Portland, Oregon
Just a post to let you know that we just "joined the club" of Cube owners.

We did our research and really were about to decide on the Gazelle T9 HMB when we found the Cube Town Sport. Interestingly, our dealer says it won't be available in the US for 2022, but they had 2021's available. It was very much like the Gazelle in componentry and similarly smooth and natural-feeling, thanks to the Bosch mid-drive. Absolutely a joy to ride. It won the game though because it is a low-step Copenhagen-style bike vs. the mid-step city-style design of the Gazelle. This means the Town Sport has swept back handlebars and a cushy saddle for upright riding, where the Gazelle has city-style flat bars on a forward riser, and has a less cushy saddle, made for a more forward position riding, really a bike for a different purpose than the Town Sport. We love that this bike has an "Automatic" throttle setting that uses both cadence and torque to set an ideal level of assistance, since this is all about allowing her to get back on a bike after 30 years off and still bike with me (I ride 600-800 miles/month on a Fuji MTB or Marin Highway One). We want her to get cardio exercise for her heart, not just scoot around on throttle mainly. We love the tested range and will post here to let you know how that works out (I do take looooong rides, my motto is "Go slow, go far, go safe!"). The higher end Shimano components are not only confidence-inspiring, they are similar to my bikes and things I can service with ease.

Out-of-the-box Experience?: So far, we could not be happier. We ride from Portland to Oregon City tomorrow. Will let you know how that all goes!
Hi, everyone! Well, we've been using the bike for a while now, probably put 100 miles on it in 5 roundtrip rides down the Trolley Trail from Portland, OR to Oregon City. It's been great fun and despite hills, she's never needed more than PAS level Eco. When we get back,, the battery is still at 5 bars. The Schwalbe Big Ben tires are awesome, of course, but will eventually replace with Schwalbe Marathon Plus. To be clear, we love the bike, she has accessorized it in red contrasting to the black/gray, by replacing the head tube spacers, cap bolt, bell, grips, pedals, and wheel quick-releases all with anodized red and then adding a red bottle cage... so far ;). I also replaced the riser with a 60 degree adjustable version, which I recommend in order to find the perfect fit for a short rider (I needed all 60 degrees to get her grips exactly where they should be). But, there are quibbles I want to share... and an important observation.

Perhaps to save money, some of the accessories on this bike are quite cheap and low quality, and some quality features I had taken for granted (stupid me) were missing altogether, including:
- The original bell, which is a cheap "flick" type, not a lever or reciprocating type, so harder to use and broke during the first ride. Replaced.
- The front light is very thin, snap-together plastic which falls apart easily and can't be anything even close to water repellent. Will likely replace with a NiteRider.
- No built in Cafe Lock (lobster claw attached to seat tube. Gazelle and others had this, hadn't noticed. Got an ABUS.
- The chain guard is CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP! On her first ride, I could hear chain clatter and pulled over. The chain guard was resting on the chain. It is flimsy, but also held only by two clips and one bolt and had slipped off the clips, I guess. Fixed on-the-go. Haven't replaced yet, but will when I find a good one that fits.
- No water bottle bosses on the inside of the seat tube. Will probably get one that hangs down from the seat post. Gotta have at least a couple liters in the Summer.

Functionally, everything that makes this a bike and an e-bike is super quality as far as I can tell, from wheels and hubs, up to the battery and mid-drive. We'll see how it stands up. Our motto is "Go slow, go far, go safe!" and we will very likely do some adventure biking to the coast and other places this Spring/Summer, so it will be a good workout!
Hi, Stefan! Well, there is nothing specifically "wrong" with them; however, Schwalbe rates their flat protection as their lowest grade. When I run lesser tires, even say Gatorskins, I get a few flats every year. When I run Marathon Plus or better, I get none, except on that rare occasion of a roofing staple, which I don't think any tire can withstand. The Big Ben's have a great tread pattern with low rolling resistance, so they are good tires, no doubt, just not the level of puncture resistance I prefer.
Not had any issues with AXA lights on my bikes. Replaced more powerful light with this 50lux as they are more visible during day to other road uses. Still good enough for unlight paths and old train tunnels.

Not had any issues with AXA lights on my bikes. Replaced more powerful light with this 50lux as they are more visible during day to other road uses. Still good enough for unlight paths and old train tunnels.

I'm glad you haven't, but ours has fallen apart twice. There isn't even any sealant between the clear plastic lens and the body, so I doubt it's very water resistant. My own standards of qualify are NiteRider and Stix, though Topeak is OK in a pinch. The AXA is still working but we also haven't been out in any serious rain together yet (a requirement for biking in Oregon).