One of dual batteries not working.


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Hello all,

First post to page.

I own a 2018 rad rover. I've done some upgrades, different motor, different computer, and added a second battery on the luggage rack. The second is a 52v, and I have the original oem 48v as spare now. Since they are different voltage i have to manually switch them at the plug to the computer when i want to swap. I've attached photos some photos to help.

While doing some riding on the 52v battery it jarred loose and fell off mid ride. Tried attaching it and it won't turn on the bike. The original one starts the bike just fine.

Got it hope and hooked up a multi meter to both, and I get volts DC on each battery through the cable. So I know the bike itself is fine, and I know the 52v battery still pushes power, but it won't start the bike.

One thing I did notice on the battery in question, is that when I went to toggle the on/off switch it gave resistance and then kinda popped. Now I get power thru the cable on the multimeter no matter which position the on/off switch is in.

Obviously that is AN issue, but could that issue be why the bike isn't powering up? I don't know enough about system, but it seems to me that if I am pushing the correct voltage out of the cable, it should start regardless.

Anyone have any thoughts or willing to give some education?


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Maybe something else other than the switch broke in your battery when it fell off your bike. i think you should give it to a e-bike shop for repair, or if its still in warranty replace it. opening it yourself could be risky for you. (i think) ((i'm not a certified electrician))