OHM Updates & HQ Visit, Supporting BionX Models Ongoing!


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I got to visit the OHM Electric Bike headquarters store in North Vancouver today and meet with the founder, Michael DeVisser. I wasn't sure what to expect, he and I have been friends for a long time (he started the company way back in 2005 and EBR started in 2012... so he's like a pioneer.

OHM was a tight partner with BionX and has use their systems on almost all of their products, you can see my reviews dating back to 2013 when I was first getting started in Austin, Texas. Shout out to our old forum moderator Ann M. who had a shop there called Alien Scooters :)

Anyway, I popped the question about the BionX situation, since that company has since been sold after going into receivership when they couldn't deliver a joint project with GM (from what I've heard and pieced together). OHM decided to limit their last order of bikes and instead purchase replacement parts to keep their customers supported for the 2+ year warranty and then went even further to develop battery repacking solutions and even designing a standalone battery replacement and motor substitute from TDCM for if/when they run out of BionX motors... Wow, this is what great customer service looks like.

Reduce, reuse, recycle... and OHM is reducing the number of customers who might end up with a useless ebike someday if/when their systems break down, re-using parts that BionX might have auctioned off or passed on to shops like Amego, and recycling the cases for existing battery packs by re-packing them with higher-capacity cells! It's amazing, and I thought it deserved its own video, so I put this together to help them and help you guys. This video was not paid and was something I just offered to help, and something I'll try to do in other similar situations where companies are doing the right thing :D

Awesome, thank you Court for the update, and a high five to all the team at Ohm!

I've been riding my Ohm for going on 5 years now typically averaging around 15,000 kms a year and can attest to the bike's performance, and Ohm's commitment and support, -it's simply, over the top.
Even over the last year with a month of icy weather and a hip replacement, I still put on just over 10,000 kms. The Ohm was excellent for post operative recovery as you can "dial in" the assist as you heal. It's one year tomorrow with my new hip and I'm back to over 1,000 kms a month.

The Ohm bikes are simply MAGIC, I look forward to riding till I drop!