-No longer available- Ariel Rider Grizzly V3 52v 15ah 780wh Battery -Price Drop- 2-10-2023


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-No longer available--
Selling a gently used Ariel Rider Grizzly V3 52v 15ah 780wh battery. This is the battery that mounts on the front frame bar, not under the seat. I upgraded the front battery on my Griz and no longer need this one. It uses 42 Samsung 50E 21700 cells. It is about 1 month old and has been charger less than 10 times. The logos have been covered with black sticky 3M vinyl sheeting. It has a few minor scuffs and scratches, but is 100% functional. The sale will include one battery, the mounting plate and one key. Asking $325.00 shipped to the lower 48.. The battery is pictured - charged to about 80%. Local pick-up OK in the Dallas Ft. Worth area.
( Dropped price and added mounting plate for free, 2-10-2023 ).


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