Newport Police go e-assist


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The Daily Pilot is reporting that the...

Newport Beach police bicycle officers can whiz through neighborhoods and shopping malls and up and down the crowded streets of the Balboa Peninsula faster than ever before.

Officers ditched their traditional patrol bicycles this month in exchange for two tricked-out Pedego electronic bikes.

Unlike standard mountain bikes, the black e-bikes can reach 25 mph and are outfitted with special features, such as a switch that tightens the shock absorbers and special tires that allow officers to pedal harder and move faster.


More in the story at the Daily Pilot.

Cool! The police in Austin, TX did a lot of bike riding around the city and I think they had considered electric bikes. Many companies have made them and I think the Interceptor from Pedego had this kind of use in mind as well (hence the name and use here with the Newport Beach unit).

IZIP had the Express which was also used by police and had a very powerful motor and extremely good range (huge battery) for its time. Glad to see ebikes in use here, might help them to be adopted and stay legal if police are using them :)