New Rattan Fat Tire Bikes on Indiegogo

Well, after rationalizing all of the poor communication and delays due to C-19, I just received notification from Rattan that my preordered in Dec 2019 Model X bikes for the wife and daughter will not be built or delivered for several months. All of my communications with Rattan involved the Holiday Combo (XL and X models) and only today was I informed of this inconvenient truth ... My XL will be delivered in a couple of weeks but the X's are not even built yet.

Considering cancelling all my Rattan orders ...
I worked out a compromise with Rattan. Not really happy but lessons learned. All of these Chinese ebike brands (I say brands rather than companies) have serious supply chain/cash flow issues. It is folly to think transactions will be seamless and or follow up service will be good. Companies like Rad, Sondors and Lectric provide someone US based to complain to, but really they all have the same problems and share many of the same components. Virtually all ebikes are made in China and it's roll of the die if you go there seeking a deal or whatever ... Caveat Emptor!