New Ohm Urban rider in NWA

Jeff Williams

New Member
Fayetteville AR
Took delivery via Velofix of my new (repaired) Ohm Urban on Monday, Feb 5, 2018. Actual bike delivered in mid-Jan but damaged by UPS in transit from Vancouver to Northwest Arkansas. Velofix delivery is the way to go - as they handle all assembly and setup (plus future tuneups) as well as warranty and repair issues, so damaged bike issues were worked by Adam, my local NWA Velofix bike mechanic. Rack was bent severely, and new rack quickly on the way from Ohm. However power failed repeatedly during my initial short rides in January and more deep problem diagnosis was necessary. Ohm then sent new battery and other parts, turned out battery contains lots of the control circuitry and this had been damaged by the UPS impact on box during shipping. I have had NO issues with my Ohm Urban since last Monday, and I have gone on two longer rides of 12 and 17 miles last Thursday and Friday. Weather very variable here this time of year - did not get above freezing over the weekend and we had ice. Today is better weather (40) and I am going on an even longer ride later today. Must build up gradually as I am 71 with both knees replaced and live on Mt Sequoyah here in Fayetteville about one mile from our trail system. The steep hills and my knees took me away from bike riding the past 6 years - now this is my way back! I really enjoyed my rides last week and will give everyone my complete impressions of the Ohm Urban as I get more time and distance on it.