New mirrors day


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North NJ
Installed new pair of mirrors today.


I was using popular Hafny E13 mirrors and they were fine - big enough, easy to mount and worked fine. However the main problem is durability - due to vibrations the mounting connector on the mirror itself just breaks after some time, like this:


Once this happens first time I suspected some manufacturing defect and just bought new one. However less than in a year the 2nd one broke same way. So, this looks like not single-time issue, but flaw in the design/implementation. So instead of spending more on same faulty parts, I start looking for higher quality and more robust (metal) construction. I didn't want a model which mounts on bar ends - these mirrors add too much width and make riding in city between cars, but this is what most of vendors offer. Then I decided to look in motorcycle mirrors and found this pair. It is definitely on heavier side comparing to previous model, however looks and feels much more solid (and extra weght is not a big issue for ebike). I had to re-purpose the old mount for new mirrors (motorcycle mounts are way too bulky for my already dense handlebar setup), but it ended up quite nicely. Going go test them during today evening ride, but so far they looks and work great from my very limited testing.

What are you thouhgs about mirrors on bikes? I ride in NYC and suburbs a lot and consider mirrors to be a very essential safety device of my bike - I would not ride that often and that far without them for sure. What about you?
They won't live long.
Why? Anything wrong with this model? It is new and not many reviews for it available. But it is well made and designed to be handled motorcycle speeds, so they can easily handle the life on ebike.
Obviously I need to be careful with riding close to walls and barriers, but I had to do same with older mirrors as well.
So not sure I follow you thoughts here. Can you elaborate?