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Jack Gibbons

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I was just approved to join in. I've been riding a Terra-trike Rover since 2015 and added a 48v 750w Bafang mid-drive motor kit in 2/2016. Since developing osteoarthritis of the lumbar spine it has become more difficult to ride. The Versa bars on the Rover don't give me enough support to lower my 6'5" torso down into the recumbent seat. I'm starting to look at alternatives like the Sun Step-thru Trikes and the Pedego Trike. The latter is at the top of my price range but I like its quality and warranty. I'm looking at the Sun Products from Electric Bike Technologies. My only drawback on those is that they don't offer a seatback support for my lower back whereas the Pedego does. The Liberty trike does, but it’s too small for my large frame. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
I bought a Fat Tad from EBT. I do almost all my riding on it on a 20 mile stretch of rock and dirt rail trail. I ended up making my own brackets to mount the seat how I wanted. I wanted the seat as far back as I could, plus keep it tilted back. It just took two pieces of steel with some holes drilled in it. I'm just getting started with Arthritis in my lower back, but the stiffly stretched fabric on their seat is fine for me so far.