New, a 70+ cyclist with a Cannondale Topstone Neo SL1


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New to the forum: a 70+ Dutch cyclist with a Cannondale Topstone Neo SL1. The purchase dates back to January 2022, and I've already ridden it for over 27,000 km. I've personalized the bike with a Brooks saddle, fenders, Supernova E3 + Lupine C14 lighting, Shimano Click’r pedals, and more.


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Wasn't meant as a slight I just think that it is interesting to note the economy of bikes such as yours. Not knowing what the Ah rating of your battery is I would assume that your wh/km use is quite low.
Strava recorded 27,538 kilometers in 1,163 hours. The average speed is 23.68 kilometers per hour.
That's what it is with a pair of weak lungs and a barely noticeable electric assist;-)
thats faster then I usually average with more assist. thats a lot of miles I usually only get about 8 to 9000 a year.