New (2023) Atlas report.


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Recently purchased a new Atlas. I'm exceptionally impressed with all aspects of it and somewhat surprised there haven't been any glitches (yet, at least :).
It arrived a couple days after being shipped. UPS didn't mangle the box. Opening it up it was super well packed and undamaged, not even a scratch ...and from the way it was packed I think the chance of damage is in general, extremely low.
I've ridden it now 150 miles over mostly rough dirt roads and there hasn't been a hiccup. I will mention that after assembly I removed most fasteners and applied medium strength thread lock which probably has helped keep everything attached. It is extraordinarily smooth and quiet and I've come to love the Enviolo internally geared hub. Shifting is easy and intuitive and the gear range is good. I've also found the range as advertised which isn't unexpected given the size of the battery. I've been living with the stock handlebars but will soon swap in a straighter and wider mountain bike bar as for my kind of riding the stock bar is too up right and too narrow.
--I'll post more as I continue to ride if any issues come up.
Received my Atlas 13 months ago and with 1100 miles, I got my first failure last week. Couldn't get it to turn on! Hadn't ridden it for a couple days but there was nothing to indicate any issues or damage. Evelo Support immediately had me do a few checks then sent me a new display. The display arrived 4 days later (Seattle to Ohio) and my Atlas fired right up after the swap.
I then 'googled' the issue on the Bafang 860C display and found out that others have experienced this (on other bike brands). The solution was to disassemble the display, remove the circuit board, and momentarily short the positive & negative terminals on a tiny battery. Not a simple task, but it worked on my faulty display!! (I was then able to record my original odometer mileage).