Need suggestions for tire replacement

The Shinko's should fit without any problem. You might peruse YouTube to see what others are saying/doing, too.
Just remember: size 16"x3" for the tires and 16"x2.75-3.0 for the inner tubes.
Maybe a fellow EBR viewer can give you a definite verification in regards to your specific ebike.
The SHINKO's will be $$$ well spent.
my wheels are 20 inch
The Shinko's should fit without any problem. You might peruse YouTube to see what others are saying/doing, too.
Just remember: size 16"x3" for the tires and 16"x2.75-3.0 for the inner tubes.
Maybe a fellow EBR viewer can give you a definite verification in regards to your specific ebike.
The SHINKO's will be $$$ well spent.
I don't understand how a 16" tire will fit on a 20" wheel?
Found em! SR 241 3x16. Will order now. Apparently there is a Cycle Gear just down the street! What tubes did you buy?
Wow!!! Shame on me for getting this SHINKO option started. My linked EBR posting in my earlier reply has ALL the answers to ALL the questions. Read it. You'll like it. click on tires choose 3.00x16 tire then 2.75-3.00 x 20 inner tube
Hi lectricG,
Can you go back and edit your reply in regards to the inner tube size? You put "2.75-3.00x 20 inner tube".. It should be "2.75-3.00x16 inner tube".

Info for all:
Tire: Shinko(brand) 241(model). Size: 16x3 ..
Inner tube: your choice of brand.. Size 2.75-3.00x 16.. valve style: TR6..
ADDENDUM to this post reply:
The following (ITEM #3) is from another EBR post of mine from over on the ArielRider forum. I hope that it further clarifies my reply:
ITEM #3: Back at mile 7,657 I installed these SHINKO (brand) 241(model) motorcycle tires in size 3.00x16:
And also, two DoubleTough(brand) motorcycle inner tubes (hell yes) in size 2.75-3.00x16 with valve stem type TR-6 :
I have to say that these puppies will be my “go to” tires from now on.
A little bit of back-story for you: I began riding mountain bikes in 1983, at age 32. In the late 80's/early 90's, SPECIALIZED bicycle company introduced their Ground Control(GC) 26”x1.95” knobby tire. After using it, I never even considered another tire. The GC tire setup was my lil' buddy thru the early 2000's as I rode amok in Texas, Arizona, California, Utah, and Colorado. Up the mountain, down the mountain.. Never once did I ever consider any other tire.
And now, in my ebike phase, I see this awesome SHINKO 241 tire to be my new accomplice in mirth and mayhem. At least as far as a fat tire ebike using 20” tires is concerned. Despite its very knobby footprint, it is absolutely quiet-- I can even hear the motor purring along. The SHINKO 244 tires that preceded these 241's were also awesome tires, however, they were quite noisy and had much more rolling resistance. Just sayin'..
Recently, I was able to test these 241 puppies in 5” of snow and they seem to do even better than the 244's. If you go with the 241 tires (in size 16”x3”) on any 20” fat tire ebike, you won't regret it. Plus, they will easily exceed 10,000 miles before you wear down their tread. And they grip/corner like an absolute beast. I can't believe some of the fun crap I am constantly doing while astride these tires.
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Hi all,

Me again.
I need to clarify some of the aforementioned data that I relayed to viewers in this post. I was hoping that someone would make a “reply” so that I could then add this reply to the post. Seems like that's not gonna happen anytime soon, so here goes as a stand alone addition.

First of all, I believe the viewer/reader will come to the conclusion that, if buying/using the most excellent SHINKO(brand) 241(model) 16”x3”(size) motorcycle tire on your LECTRIC (or any other ebike using 20”x4” fat tires), you must also buy a rather expensive motorcycle tire inner tube. That item is not true. I used the original 20”x4” bicycle/ebike inner tubes from mile 0(zero) on my ARIEL RIDER X52 ebikeup thru mile 7,657.

However, the motorcycle inner tube, if purchased, MUST be size 2.75-3.00x 16” and it needs to be equipped with the TR6 style of schrader valve stem. Not a larger tube diameter size.. Not a smaller size.. ONLY THAT SIZE/CONFIGURATION. Why? Because motorcycle inner tubes are not the same creature as bicycle inner tubes. For instance, if given the choice when building a homemade slingshot, you WOULD use a bicycle inner tube as the stretchy straps -- you would NOT use a motorcycle inner tube. Just sayin'.

I own a 2021 ARIEL RIDER X52 ebike beast. This bike is a MoPed style pocket rocket equipped with a 1,000+watt rear hub motor and has a top speed of 32+ mph. It also uses (as standard equipment) 20”x4” bicycle/ebike tires, along with stock 20”x4” bicycle inner tubes.
I have 9+threads posted on the ARIEL RIDER EBR forum. Whenever I do a thread posting on EBR, my usual modus operandi is to include “hyper-links”, as needed. However, on this posting I will, for the most part, just go ahead and do “copy&paste” items from my 9+ threads over on the ARIEL RIDER forum. That will save you viewers from having to chase “info” all over the site.

Like you, I had a hard time wrapping my head around the very DIFFERENT sizing methods of tires/tubes for motorcycles, as opposed to bicycles/ebike. However, after much therapy, and a visit to a local motorcycle shop for some clarifications, I finally Saw The Light. YaHoo!! My ebiking will never be the same.

From the X52 #5 thread:
tire pressure: I recently went out for my initial ride in 6” of fresh snow a few weeks ago. The SHINKO 244 motorcycle tire psi was 14.. The X52 performed flawlessly. After returning back to the condo, I decided that reducing the pressure down to 8psi would really be traction-worthy. Big Mistake!! At one point the wheel /motor was spinning like a mutha.. The tire, however, was not rotating one iota. I had ripped the valve stem right off the inner tube. Luckily I live right next to a city park that has a open area the size of 5 football fields to play on. So, I only had to walk/push the 80+pound beast 200 yards instead of 10 miles (if I would have decided to do an extended out-an-back route).
In regards to the X52 tire situation: I'm gonna do a stand-alone thread on that item in a month or so.

From the X52 #6 thread:
Another interesting winter riding combo. How about some of these items to snazz up your riding adventures (think frozen lakes, etc). Why pay $100-$200 per studded tire when you can go this route instead?? Ice traction screws mounted on a pair of these tires (size 3.00-16) Or these puppies (also size 3.00-16) .. You be stylin', fer sure.

From X52 #7 thread:
In the long run, it is better for me to just go ahead and “link” the #7 thread posting in it's entirety. If you were to go over to the ArielRider forum and actually read/suffer through my other six X52 threads posted there, you will find that #7 is the first one to actually address/focus on the SHINKO 244 and/or SHINKO 241 tires in size 16”x3”. So, here is the X52's #7 link. Enjoy the read/info:
What I don't really address in that long-winded #7 posting (kinda like this posting) is that while using the motorcycle tires since mile 0(zero), I was also using the ebikes original 20”x4” BICYCLE/EBIKE inner tubes. My bad.

As far as potential future ebike purchases are concerned, I will only consider those equipped with the ebike/bicycle 20” fat tire setup. I will then, as I did with my 2021 ArielRider X52, install motorcycle tires/inner tubes /slime at mile 0(zero). That equates to “time riding”, not “time fixing flats” .

In closing, The 2023 LECTRIC XPEDITION cargo ebike is the absolute IDEAL ebike to purchase. The dang thing , with its sub $1,800 price point, awesome 750+watt rear hub motor, and dual battery option, does it all. Equip it with this SHINKO tire/inner tube/SLIME combo, and you will be stylin' big time (and flat-free). Back in 2021, when I bought the X52, if I had the choice of the X52 or the (2023)LECTRIC XPEDTION, the XPEDITION would have been the winner hands down. Granted, the X52 has a 5mph higher top speed. However, that “advantage” only goes so far in the overall ebike situation.

The rest of the LECTRIC 20” tire ebike line can get along just fine and dandy by using the SHINKO/original 20” ebike inner tube/slime combo. Though, in my humble opinion, I'd go ahead install the motorcycle inner tube on the heavier, more complex, rear wheel/tire setup. Save that spare lightweight ebike tube to use on the front end.
Sorry about the rambling on, but that's my never ending cross to bear.
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