MTB Style Handlebars for LMT’D?


I just took delivery of and assembled an LMT’D ST. First impressions are that the handling seems twitchy and constrained at the same time. We’re more used to MTB styled bikes, and since we do plan to use the LMT’D in forest service roads I’m thinking the swept back style handlebars just need to be swapped out with straight(er) mountain bike styled handlebars.

Has anyone does this and are there any particular MTB bars you would recommend?
I have Limited and a 700. My wife has a 700 step thru. I do not like the swept back handlebars on the step thru. I have gone to Soma Dream Riser handlebars and they feel just about right. About two inches of rise and 25 degrees of back sweep - which is about halfway between the straight bars on a 700/Limited and the 45 degrees on the step thru. Very comfortable on the wrists while still giving good control. They are wider, but you can always cut them down. PS - not an advertisement, but I found them for a good price at Modern Bike.
Thanks. I picked up these from Amazon. I haven’t installed them yet since I’m still troubleshooting chain drop issues on my LMT’D. None of the usual fixes/adjustments have resolved it.