Abound review - 200 miles


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I purchased an Abound from a bike store (where I could test ride) several months ago (before good riding weather, and also before Aventon included a spare battery 😢) but have now ridden it just over 200 miles; here are my comments.
Use case: I’m retired, biked to work most of my life, took 2 kids to school on a tandem for several years, and have enjoyed road and mountain rides. My primary excuse for this purchase was to make the 20 mile round trip to the post office from an off-grid house (no mail delivery) in Idaho. I’ve done the trip on an acoustic bike, but wanted something that would more easily get me, and packages, there and back in an hour.
Overall, I’m pleased with the bike. I‘ve used both the rear (standard equipment) rack and the (optional) front rack for packages of various shapes and sizes. Securing packages has been easy with a variety of straps I carry; the cutouts on the front rack are very helpful.
It’s mostly downhill going to the Post Office, and I mostly go at or above the 20 mph assist limit. My suggestion to Aventon would be to modify the gearing to make it easier to pedal at higher speeds. I don’t think I’ve been out of the lowest assist level going that direction. I do occasionally use the second assist level going home on the steeper parts, but still typically use no more than 25-30% of the battery for the 20-mile round trip.
The torque sensor played a large role in my decision to get this bike. My only point of comparison is a Tern cargo bike (purchased for my kids), which has a more refined power train than the Abound; smoother and more gradual power ramp up in particular - I’m glad my grandkids are riding on the back of that.
So far, no maintenance issues.
Possible mods: change gearing to reduce spin rate at speeds over 20 mph, replace handlebar with something more swept back (easier on the wrists).
Bottom line: the Abound is doing just what I had hoped it would, for about half the cost of the Tern. I figure the safety of my kids & grandkids is worth the extra cost, but the Abound is good for me.