Monte Capro Ultra

Very nice.
Well done young man!
Ok. The yellow has seduced me. I always wanted a yellow Ducati 900 SS superleggera. This will (cough) have to do ! 😂
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I know the M620 motor makes a clicking noise when you walk it backwards due to the helical gears so that's likely what you are hearing.

I don't know how I feel about brake sensors. On one hand, I do like the security of knowing the motor will stop when I want to stop. But delayed response when resuming pedalling would be annoying. Shift Sensor is a necessity if you don't own shares in SRAM for all the cassettes you might need to replace!
I’d love to read a hands on, independent and in-depth review of the Mountain Goat Ultra … please?
If EBR is any indication, it's more of an employee group. Being a closed group further adds to the skepticism.
If EBR is any indication, it's more of an employee group. Being a closed group further adds to the skepticism.
It would be great if we had 7800+ employees making 40+ posts a day from various places across North America and some parts in EU..

Closed group so that all non relevant content like scams and spams can easily be vetted.
Some sample reviews from the Fb group. Advantage of this group is that you can comment on each post and speak directly to the reviewer/OP. Not someone hidden behind an opaque profile like on a lot of forums.


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Many Dengfu frame owners (I’m fairly sure the Monte Capro frame is an E22 frame with the ‘diamond’ modification to sidestep Luna/WW frame exclusivivity - have had confirmation from Dengfu some time back anyways) disable the button entirely as it’s problematic over time. Luna disables the button on currently shipping X2s and Z1s. It does require a minor modification, but it can be found online. It’s on my ‘todo when I get to it’ list for my X2..