Metro which is which?

The second link (the black one) is for the new 2014 model. The other one is the older version of the bike.
Vern is right on, what you're seeing is the 2013 vs. 2014 version of this bike. The frame changed quite a bit. Instead of a downtube mounted battery pack, the new bike uses a seat tube positioned pack that moves weight more towards the rear of the bike. I've reviewed both (prefer the newer design) and the specs can be compared in the following writeups (along with videos etc. as usual). You might be able to get the older version for less and it's still a solid bike.
I just got the 2014 model, it was somewhat above what I initially intended to spend, but given that it is not so simple to get good deals on ebikes made in the US here in Canada, I choose for the bike that I liked best; based on my own wish list and reviews.
For a brief second actually all the stars in bike heaven lined up for me. Just as I ordered the bike from the distributer (who was really nice and very helpful and made me a really good price), his collegue mentioned that a week ago they had started working with a local bike shop- not 500 m from my office! They again were very nice, and I was ready to take the bike home when.....
I did a final test run: the brakets to hold the basket were not aligned at centreline, I guess about 10 deg off! Rinding the bike I had the feeling that I had to constantly steer against that, because the horizontal basket line was so shifted. The brakets are soldered to the frame, hence no easy fix.
The bikeshop kept the bike and I am getting a new one next week.
I am still very happy with my purchase although I have not actually brought it home yet. But I do wonder if a bit more attention to QC at the manufacturing site could not avoid these issues completely. It is a bit disappointing.
One thing that I could not find out yet:
In the handbook it says that electric lights can be connected to the battery. But there is no recommendation, which ones can/should be used? Also how to conect them? I am assuming there is a spare cable somewhere?
Does anybody know?
Hey Ines,
for information about lights look (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)

(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)
Great advice Brian! I've heard that Currie is working on a light kit especially for their bikes because many of them have the frames pre-wired so they can run off the main battery. I've heard Larry (the CEO) talk about it but maybe it's just not available at shops yet?