Making a traditional bicycle rickshaw into an electric rickshaw


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Hi everyone,

I have recently purchased a traditional Indian bicycle rickshaw and I would like to add a pedal assisted motor to make cycling easier. I plan on offering rickshaw rides in Finland, where hud motors in rickshaws are illegal, so the only option is a pedal assisted system with a 250W motor. However I'm not at all sure what type of conversion kit would fit my rickshaw and I would really appreciate any help that people here with more experience could give.

Here are some details about my rickshaw:

Tyre size: 28''
Tyre nerve amount: 2 x 20 per tyre
Tricycle body size: 21''

I can provide more information if needed.

Thanks a lot in advance!

P1030752hg.jpg P1030796hg.jpg
Can you add a Bafang mid-drive kit and then program it down to 250 watts? That's what in did for Maryland, which has a 500 watt limit.
Hi did you ever find a solution? Thinking of the same in the US.

Well, my tip to you is this - forget about it. It's not worth your time or effort. If you go with traditional Indian rickshaws, the rickshaws and motors are both unreliable and require a lot of maintenance. Just buy a China-made modern electric rickshaw, they come with everything you need preinstalled. You save a lot of time and money.