Luna Bafang BBSHD Mid Drive Ebike Kit (Hot Rod Version) - NYC Area


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I'm selling a 100% unused, uninstalled Bafang BBSHD Mid Drive Ebike Kit with several additional upgrades and accessories. This is the "Hot Rod" version from Luna Cycles.

This will only fit bikes with a bottom bracket size of 68mm (the most common for road and mtb). This will not fit on fat bikes using wider bottom brackets.

I purchased this in July 2021 (USD$875) to convert a Surly Ogre to an e-bike. However, I recently picked up a Juiced e-bike and decided that I want to keep my Ogre as a bikepacking pedal bike.

The Luna Bafang kit has never been installed and is in pristine condition. Even the protective films on the motor and display are still in place.

- BBSHD Mid Drive Motor (68mm - 73mm BB)
- 46T Stock Steel Chainring
- 30T Mighty Mini Chainring (add-on)
- DPC-18 Luna Full Color Display (upgrade from stock kit)
- BBSXX Left Thumb Throttle (upgrade from stock kit)
- Left, Right Mechanical Brake Levers
- BBSXX Gear Sensor (upgrade from stock kit)
- Luna BBSHD Wrench (add-on)
- Original packaging.
- # 3F8V3162017

Full product details can be found at Luna's PDP:


Local pickup in the NYC area.

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