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The RR already comes with a front headlight which from everything I have seen and read, it's not all that impressive. That's alright though, it accomplishes the task of being seen.

I'd like to get a rear taillight hooked up along with the front headlight and LCD backlight. So that when you activate the front headlight and LCD backlight, the rear taillight would also light up. I'm thinking that this light (http://www.voltbike.ca/accessories/rear-light.html) would work well on the back of the Axiom rack.

Has anyone connected a rear taillight to the controller and battery? What about other light modifications? Who has LEDs installed all over their bike and wheels? How are you powering the LEDs?
I am assuming the front light is the same as the Radmini (appears so). I checked and it is supplied by 48v! This makes it tricky to find replacement lights, especially for the rear LED. I did find a bright 10W ATV headlight that runs on 48V; it was pricey and I decided not to get it. Another option would be to get an inexpensive "buck" voltage converter to convert the 48V coming from the computer to the common 12V or even 5V. I do not know if this could potentially damage the system, though... I decided not to do it.
No, I just meant finding a suitable rear light that would run off the existing system, using the computer to switch on and off would be difficult due to the voltage... sorry If I misunderstood your question.
The voltage shouldn't make it that difficult. I wired strobe lights into my drone and just got a small little voltage regulator that took a high amount of voltage in and output a much smaller voltage out to the light. I assume the same thing would apply here.
You can buy lights that automatically compensate for any voltage system.

In example:

(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)
@mbirds Here is the light you are looking for in the rear:

(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)

Thanks dude! That's pretty ugly..so I'll keep looking.

My idea is to to actually utilize the 5V USB port coming out of the battery. I'm going to put a 4-port USB hub on there, and then I can use the USB hub to power more USB things!
Sorry you guys posted while I was writing... that rear led is cool. Seems like there's plenty of options!
Yes.... for you to try it! ;)

These "5W" lights on ebay are super cheap and have a metal housing. Might be a decent replacement for the stock light if it dies. I do like having a "be seen" running light that can activate from the panel.

(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)

Ebay also had some 20watt models that I did not see a month ago that can run on 12-80v.
I'm thinking of replacing the dinky stock light with a more robust unit, something for a motorcycle. Probably something like this one. Just drill a hole between the two stock holes in the plate of the headlight and mount it in the current spot on the bike. And then regulating the voltage with something like this. It would be mostly for looks, as some other lights will probably be brighter. Plus I don't plan on riding at night anyway. Only issue is weight, as the stock unit weights nothing, and those will add some.
I put LED lights on my bike last night. This morning I made them more secure.
IMG_20160630_120051.jpg IMG_20160630_120107.jpg

Video: https://goo.gl/photos/RT8LtsX3qJi4buA49
@SpiderDice Possibly. Turn the light on and check it with a multimeter (backprobe) to see what the output is. Compare that value with the specs for the new light. I'm not sure what the LCD display can handle though.