Lectric Bike 1.0 XP vs. 2.0 XP Dirt Trail Ride Comparison


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I saw a review video of a rider for the Lectric 1.0 XP stating how smooth the ride is with the fat 4-inch tires when riding off trail. Some of the trail composed of uneven dirt and small dips in the dirt. When watching reviews of the 2.0 XP most riders stated the newer bike has a nice suspension for paved street riding but the bike is not necessarily meant to be ridden on rougher trails due to the 3-inch narrower tire. I know the 2.0 is not meant to be a mountain bike I'm looking at purchasing it to do some trail riding in addition to riding around town.

Question for anyone who may have ridden both. Does the fatter tire on the 1.0 provide a more comfortable ride than the 2.0 with suspension when riding off road? All comments welcome.

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I have not ridden a 2.0, but I own a 1.0 that I've trail ridden stock, and after I installed a front air fork. You can ride off-road without a suspension, but you'll need to consider speed more carefully (go slower) and the vibrations will tire your arms more quickly. Huge difference after I added the suspension. Note, the 2.0 fork is oil based, not air like mine, so there would be a ride quality difference. I would try and find someone in your area that would let you ride there bike to help you decide. Ultimately, what I consider a huge difference may be less so to another rider. Good luck!