lcd8h low v cuttoff issue cutting short my ride when battery display says full


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United Kingdom
im now having a range issue where the lcd8h display rapidly goes from 52vish to 40v and shuts off after only a few min of riding, yet if i reseat the battery it reads 48v ish on screen and on battery indicator still full 1red 3green !!!
and does same again and again cutting off and reseat says still above 40v !!! after maybe 6 times n iv come home, battery still says 1red 2green at least.

is there a way to permanently disable the lcd8h displays cutoff (iv tried real time and smart V settings) on the lcd8h, or is there a cheap display like lcd880 i can fit that doesnt do the low v cutoff, but allows speed setting over 15mph ?

controller is rinsun 36V/48V 500W DC Brushless eBike Controller 9 MOSFET 25A and bafang 750w hub motor.

thanks for assistance hoping to ride more once fixed.