Samebike MY-SM26 Throttle Issue


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Georgios Tsimonis


· 19 February at 21:57 ·

Hi everyone.

I have a Samebike MY-SM26 ebike, and I recently had my battery+controller stolen.

The original sm26 (custom-made) controller is currently out of stock, so I purchased this one: 48V Kit A.

I also purchased this battery:

Upon connecting everything, I’m getting error E10, which means that my S830 LCD display does not properly communicate with the controller. I’m aware of that, and the listing on Aliexpress makes that clear. I have tried using a compatible KT display with its compatible 1to4 Julet cable, and the E10 disappears.

However, all issues outlined below, occur with both setups (original and KT compatible):
PAS works fine, and I can ride the bike with PAS with no issues.

Walk mode also works fine.

Unfortunately, (full) throttle works intermittently. I can (full) throttle the bike for 2-3 secs and then the motor stops. Every time I press the throttle switch (on full), the motor spins for 2-3 secs and then stops.

If I press the throttle switch gently the motor spins with no issues, if I press more to increase the speed, the motor stops. So, I can only throttle the bike on low speed.

I’m really struggling to figure out what is wrong, and what needs to be replaced or fixed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Some characteristics of the equipment can be found below.

Thank you.

Controller name: DC brushless controller
Controller model: 36/48V 350W six-tube controller
Controller code: AA005DHL (FSX)
Size: (mm) length*width*height 340*65*20
Net weight: (KG) about 0.4
Rated voltage (V): 48
Undervoltage value (V): 40±1
Maximum current (A): 12±1
Rated working current (A): 6
Waterproof rating: IP54

ORIGINAL MY-SM26 MOTOR (installed on ebike)
Motor Name: Permanent Magnet DC Brushless Hub Motor
Motor model: 26 inch magnesium alloy 10 knife motor
Weight (KG): 3.8
Rated voltage: DC48V
Rated power: 350W
Maximum power: 560W
No-load current: ≤1A
No-load speed: 260±10 r/min
Maximum current: 12.5A
Efficiency: >80%
Maximum torque: (N.M) >30
Waterproof rating: IP54

Peak discharge current: 30A
Continuous discharge current : 20A
Peak power output: about 1500W
Continuous power output: about 1000W
Voltage: 48v
Capacity: 13Ah
Product name: 48V 13AH Hailong battery
Try turning the power down on your new controller.

Your old controller was 12 amps, and your motor has a maximum power rating of 12.5 amps, but your new controller puts out 15 amps.

Screenshot_20230221-110632_Acrobat for Samsung.jpg

A C5 value of 06 will bring your maximum current down to 12 amps.