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I got a new LCD-M5 display for my 1000 watt 48 volt ebike and I'm not sure if I programmed the parameters correctly. The bike brand is called KEQJSK. It has a rear hub motor. The display is showing a E10 error code which I think means there is a communication problem with the controller and/or the display. The headlight and horn work but the motor is not working at all. Does anyone know what the display's parameter settings should be set to? Thanks.
Is the LCD-M5 the intended replacement display for your ebike? Displays are not generic. They are designed to work with specific displays, and won't work with other brands. However, they often will plug in and power up because they use the same connectors. When the display is not matched to the controller, you get a comm error because they don't have the same electrical language,

If the LCD-M5 was intended for your bike, then a comm error means either (a) a bad connection or (b) a dead controller or (c) the new display was bad out of the box,