LCD Display Question


I need help on which LCD display that I need?
I have 48volt 1000 watt 20ah conversion kit that I bought from Amazon, it did not come with a lcd display!
So how and what brand to get?
Thank you!!
Typically the displays are specific to the controller

Without knowing the brand and model of the controller question can’t be answered.
You have to post the amazon link for your conversion kit so everyone can see what it is.

If you bought this one, you're out of luck. It doesn't use a display.

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So that is your kit? Well, why go big bucks on a bike computer. I am upgrading from a $7 unit to a $10 unit, which is backlit so I can see it at night. It's wired, which is good, because my LED lights block the radio signals on the wireless models.

Edit: Backlight is only on for three seconds, so I am keeping my $7 computer.

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