1. hogj69


    I got a new LCD-M5 display for my 1000 watt 48 volt ebike and I'm not sure if I programmed the parameters correctly. The bike brand is called KEQJSK. It has a rear hub motor. The display is showing a E10 error code which I think means there is a communication problem with the controller and/or...
  2. T

    Rize RX advanced settings

    Is it possible to access Advanced Settings with the supplied display? I'm interested in tweaking the controller settings to try 9 levels rather that 5 and also to smooth out the start with Assist. I understand the RX assist can be abrupt and I've read that other ebikes with similar Bafang motors...
  3. M

    Bafang Display Replacement

    I have a rear hub drive fat bike. I believe 500w. The display is a C600E. The buttons are broken. It appears to have a male green plug and a direct wire to the control buttons. It looks like most displays like the DPC18, 750C or 850C have female green plugs. Is the C600E replaceable with an...
  4. E14Delite

    Bosch Kiox Upgrade:- Suggestions and Improvements

    I have sent the following through to Bosch via "Contact Bosch" on their website. I will keep you posted on their response. If others have upgrade suggestions or agree with this one and wish to also contact Bosch perhaps we can track any communications and feedback from Bosch in this thread. In...
  5. L

    Ecotric lightning ebike UART error

    I have an ecotric lightning ebike and it is showing error 30 on the display (s700), when I looked in the manual it said it is a "UART receive error". The motor won't work and the display doesn't recognize when I move the bike tire... Help!
  6. E

    Magnum 48V premium - Das-Kit C6 display & conroller

    In regard to the das-kit C6 display and controller (of the Magnum 48V premium) and the PAS levels: 1. What is the the effect of these levels setting: speed or Wattage limits? 2. Do they affect the use of the throttle? 3. Do they affect the 6 KpH walk mode?
  7. S

    Motor system, controller, brake and display supplier

    This is Steven from Suzhou Tongsheng Bicycles, China. Specialized in controller, brake, display and motor system-both mid motor and hub motor, with over 20 years, located in Jiangsu province, China. Have two office in Europe, and will have one office in USA in future, provide good service to...
  8. D

    Thin w/ Display takes off by itself!

    This has happened more than three times so far: I'm off the bike and holding the bars and it suddenly goes full throttle! The first time it happened I just assumed I accidentally hit the throttle, but when it happened again I realized it was doing it on its own. I'm getting used to always...
  9. c_nick

    At the Beach....Trouble

    On my first day of vacation in NC Outer Banks, I got caught by a the rements of a wave washing up while riding along the brim. All seemed okay till an hour later after the bike sat a little. I now get a code #30 on the display and the word maintain. The power/PAS Level/controller shuts down...
  10. J

    Problems with 2015 Turbo S Display Battering dying...

    My only frustration with my 2015 Turbo S is that the battery of the display module keeps eating batteries (the 2032 flat cells). I first noticed this in the early days of owning the bike.... The display would be fine when riding , but wouldn't hold the time of day or distance units (miles)...