Known Issues & Problems with Haibike Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

Handlbar Bag. I have a Haibike XDuro Trekking bicycle and can mount rear panniers without any problem, but try finding and then mounting a handlebar bag that doesn't interfere with the bosch control unit (mounted on the center of the handlebars) or obstruct the front light. A possible solution is the Sackville Bar Tube bag from Rivendell Bicycles, but unfortunately they didn't have it in the right color with the delivery date of the desired color (Gray) unknown. The shape of the top tube makes it difficult to find a "cockpit" bag to use as a substitute for the handlebar bag. I've checked out gear from Revelate Designs (e.g., "gas tank" and "mag tank" and "jerry can") but don't think they will mount correctly given the shape of the top tube.

Lack of Water Bottle Braze-ons. To make up for the lack of bottle braze ons I purchased and mounted a Topeka Cage Mount to the handlebar and then mounted a water bottle cage to that. It isn't the best solution, but it better than lugging water on my back and sucking it through a tube.

Charging my battery. I really like my Bosch mid-drive system except for one thing - why did they design it so the PowerPack can't be charged while mounted to the bicycle? No work around for that - one has to disconnect the battery and bring it to the charger vs vice-versa.
orlieb ebike handlebar mount:

Ortlieb Mounting Set for Ultimate 6 Pro E​

about $30.00
Three years in and the only issue that I have come across is the weak wiring setup to the rear light. I am going to take it off when I put my bike up for the winter and either come up with a new idea to permanently fix it or get a new light. I have been pleased with the overall ride and the quality of the build so far. I have a few bikes that I ride and it has become more of a fave than I anticipated when I got it. Haibike with Yamaha.