King Meter K5266 Advanced Settings?


New Member
I have an eBike (ReAspire Warrior) with a King-Meter K5266 display. I'm curious if it is possible to access advanced settings or otherwise modify the PA levels with this display? Specifically, I would like to change the max speed and wattage for a given PA level. I have done some really deep searches on this display and can't find any advanced settings besides the normal settings menu.

Or I might misunderstand how this works, and the controller is hard-coded for the PA levels and the King-Meter K5266 is nothing more than a dumb selector that simply tells the controller what PA level to use?

The reason I want to do this is because on this bike PA level 2 is too fast (15.5 MPH) for the pedal gearing for long distance cruising on level ground, and PA level 1 is too slow. Ideally I'd like to configure PA level 2 to be around 13-13.5 MPH and perhaps a slightly lower wattage as well (around 290 watts currently).