Just like a car, there are 200 different oil filter, there are lots of different ebike batteries.


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I have a Magnum i6 bike. Bought almost 3 years ago. The local store that sold in NJ is no longer. There is another store more then an hour away that sells them and parts. Still getting long life from my battery but I have noted it seem every bike and model has a different battery ! I'm finding out my Magnum i6 is a Dorado Lithium Li-ion Battery, which as been referred to as a "Russian" bike battery in my searches. There seems to be a few variations of this battery too, but they seem to be used for certain Magnum bikes, Surface 604, Addmotor M550 – P7, M5600 mid drive, Aventon Pace 500, REVI Predator (one store selling that battery for $700). There may be more models that accept this style.
I have found a company in China that most likely makes these batteries for these companies. So they seemly have every variation of Ebike batteries. They can provide E-mail feedback and lots of pictures and measurements of their battery. There are a few variations of this model of battery, as I said, but that has to do with length, height and voltages. This company provides the top key and bottom part of the frame parts that easily come off with screws. This will allow the battery to fit any variations in Ebike makes. This company ships Fedx with all the required warning and extra fees due to the nature of the item. So this is not a fly by night company.
Maybe some of you will find this company helpful. In looking at Ebikes on Ebay and Facebook Marketplace you can find strange name Ebikes. Even at Costco, there was an unknown brand of folding bike for sale. It had the typical battery style of behind the seat. This place may help in finding a replacement or extra battery at a much lower cost, or just find a battery that would fit the many variations of Ebike batteries out there.