Just curious. If I removed front wheel, would rover fit in Mustang?


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Hate to put a hitch on a brand new GT, but if I have to....
The back seat folds down, so I am wondering if it would fit in there. Car won't come out of storage for a couple months yet, and rover comes Thursday.
But if you had to guess?................
not sure how big a mustang is on the inside with the seat down but my guess is you could squeeze it in there with the front tire off.....
It's been a long time that I've seen the back end of a mustang ... But I would bet no .... Or if it does you'll be banging up the bike and or car. I've got a small SUV the Ford escape and my bike barley for in there ... One suggestion to research would be a trailer hitch ... Give you alot of options for racks and cargo carriers ... Good luck

It is hard for me to put my Radrover in the back of my 2011 MDX with a huge hatch opening. The fat tires, pedals, and tail heavy bike is not the easiest to handle without banging up your interior in a tight space.

It might fit with the front tires removed. You might also have to look into folding pedals, added quick release on rear tire, and removing the seatpost+ bike seat also?

It might be worth renting a Mustang GT for a day and seeing if the Radrover would fit. You can try trunk storage and maybe a rear rack that hangs off the back as a test. I don't know if a rear hanging rack for a Mustang can handle the Radrover's weight? It would give you time to experiment, order extra parts, and make the mods before your car comes out of storage.

They make trailer hitches for fastback mustangs for about $160. There are a lot of choices for fat tire bikes from Saris, 1UP, Thule, Yakima, etc... in the new or used condition.

Know what they say: "Once you go rack, you never go back".
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You may be able to fit it. But I'd say no. You'll fight it too much just to keep the pedals or handle bars from scratching the interior or the interior scratching the bike. Best to just get a hitch and platform rack for the back (yes, platform rack).

Don't forget that this beast comes in at 61 lbs as is. Remove the wheel and battery you're still looking at about 50 lbs give or take. Thats a lot of bike to lift sideways and cram into the back of a car.

I'm in the same kinda situation as you.. I don't want to go the hitch route but with two radrovers - I had to. Needless to say in May 2018 when my lease is up - I'll ditch the hitch on my Explorer and throw them in the back of a new F150 or Raptor :) Camping in an Explorer is comfortable but cargo wise not practical.
Yeah, now that I have this thing in my living room I see I will need a hitch. Already have a four bike RACK, would love to use that if I could.
You just have to check out the specs for your existing 1 1/4" or 2" rack to see if it can handle the 53 lbs (no battery) - 70 lbs (battery, rack, rack bag, accessories) of the tail heavy Radrover.

I went with the Saris Freedom Superclamp 4 platform 2" bike carrier. I just needed to purchased the wider tire trays for the 4" fat tires. I even removed the 2nd arm and turned the carrier into a 2-bike platform rack. So much easier to just lift, set, and crank arms on the tires.

If you do decide on a platform rack; the only issue you might have to double-check on is the arm that secures to the tire on the bike rack can work with front/rear fenders (might have to go with something that secures to the top tube frame).
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I thought the GT might be a hatch, but I guess not.

A trailer hitch is about $250 installed, maybe $160 if you buy it and DIY, but I wouldn't do that unless you don't like other people touching your car.

The hitch is usually rated for 200 pounds tongue weight. For my own peace of mind, my max has been around 130 pounds, with 100 pounds for two e-bikes and a 30 pound rack. Many racks are only rated for two 35 pound bikes too, but they've been coming around with racks for heavier e-bikes.

I also use a pair of straps that clip to the car and keep the rack from bouncing downwards.
It would absolutely be awkward stuffing that in there. I am now putting fenders on, and now that I have done that, realized that taking off the front wheel buys me *nothing* in space saving.

Hitch it is. And they only have the smaller one, but will sell an adapter for a 2" receiver.