It's Down to 2 Bikes, unless

Well it finally happened. Only took a year. Sorry about compromising the desire for a battery in the down tube, but it is a fine, quiet, bike with more than enough power and battery, light enough to do a lot of the ride without assist. I've added a dropper post, and am waiting on Ergon GP1 grips and mirror. Still need to get pedals. Bought a Kryptonite New York Lock w warranty to add to my chain lock. Using Shimano's E-Tube Ride on my cell phone works well as a display.

Thanks to all who have helped me though the education.


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Don't apologize unless you are unhappy with your purchase. Then blame yourself. 😛
Congrats and let's see those other trail riding spots you find now.
I've learned that at 6'3" I need an XL in most brands and a dropper post to get a 78 yr old hip over the sadlle. I've come to appreciate a display that shows cadence and perhaps shifting suggestions.

I'm also 6'3" (and shrinking, used to be 6'4"), also in Colorado (Ft Collins). My hip is "only" 67 but I may have the same issue.

p.s. Mike, the Vado 4 is a 58 lb class 3 bike. This county has finally approved class 1 bikes on many of the area trails.
I can't find details. Is the Vado 3 a class 1 ?? I've been considering a Vado 3 IGH.
Is the Vado 3 a class 1 ?? I've been considering a Vado 3 IGH.
It is Class 3 in the United States. However, the 2.0E motor is not the strongest one, and hitting the 28 mph might require pedalling effort, a tailwind or a slight decline.