Is Vado Smoking Addictive?

Is Vado Smoking Addictive?

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I have vado gummies in the closet that the extra 25% put them over the top, have to experiment with "vado" dissection( maybe I would be better served with the roll up variety)
Some people go for the 5mg gummies. They seem to be easier to control dosage, if you are sensitive to THC. Some people need more than others. There are also 10mg that seem to work better for me, especially at Disneyland. I had a 10mg, and my friends offered me more while in line and I accepted. I had 2 more. I didn’t realize that those were also 10mg. I just had 30mg in less than an hour. I felt great and autopia was great. Except that they should really go to electric cars. Then I thought, that would be a fun job, convert all their cars to electric. Actually, that would be shitty. Those kids, and parents, ride those thing hard and they probably have popcorn fingers, so everything is dingy and sticky.
well I chopped one of the " " "scent gummies into four pieces at bedtime and it worked very well then a lot of presleep visions and dreams( liked that) one small piece only
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Very nice Vado smoke. Perfect amount in each joint for 2 people. Not harsh at all. I got the blueberry flavor. It really doesn’t taste or smell like blueberry. The packaging is not great. I mangled the cover opening it.
I have not seen this tread in ages. I got hungry after a ride today so I went for a salad snack. A friend has a painting of this old farm I passed on my ride on her office wall. I told her, I know where that is, so I just sent her a photo of it where I tried to make look more like a painting. Then I included a real photo of a place from the South and a painting of the same place from the North. That is what it looks like this time of year in Coastal Nor. Cal.

That salad is killer. It has got baby greens with hot house baby tomatoes. It features a buttermilk batter, free range breast fried
One local photo looks a lot like something different. It is a Buckeye tree.


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See this only after smoking a Vado. Cracking large primes is what take so much energy to produce crypto.
Yes, SC please do. Nobody on the EBR forums had any idea of Pedalumas work until you came along (despite him spamming his builds/legs in all sort of unrelated threads). How on earth did EBR survive before Solarcabin (BSC)

That being said, smokin Vados seems like something many of us have in common and can be a very satisfying experience

FWIW, most Vado owners I have encountered have been very nice people which I have had nice conversations with. Im guessing all the Vado a**holes reside in poland as anybody capable of using the EBR search function will quickly realize.
Keep it civil Sybil
Maybe part of that was that my cousin, who I was with at the time, was sentenced for ten-years for growing and had to turn himself over the following week. He only served two because the then law changed in his state.