1. G

    Creo and Garmin Edge 1040:Cadence shows 1 when should be zero

    Riding my Creo, Garmin Edge 1040 shows a cadence of 1 when I am not pedaling. When I ride my Orbea, the cadence is correct. Orbea is Shimano Steps. Creo is what SRAM and ? I cannot find any adjustments on either the Creo or the Edge. (other than "do not count zero", which is engaged) Any ideas...
  2. R

    help me with my Turbo Vado "buyer's remorse"

    back in November 2022, i bought a Specialized Turbo Vado SL 5.0. shortly thereafter, i suffered a neck injury that prevented me from riding comfortably. now that i'm finally ready to get back on my bike and have put some rides on the Vado, i'm finding myself wishing i had bought a Creo SL, as my...
  3. PedalUma

    Is Vado Smoking Addictive?

    I smoke two Vados in the morning I smoke two more at night I smoke two Vados in the afternoon It makes me feel alright I smoke two Vados in time of peace And two in time of war I smoke two Vados before I, I smoke two Vados Then I smoke two more Smoke two Vados Is Vado Smoking Addictive?
  4. G

    2022 Creo Evo remote buttons, the Mastermind TCU and Mission Control

    My Creo came with the remote buttons installed. They work for changing power assist. My question is how do I use them to change the display screen on the TCU. I have Mission Control paired to the bike. And have set up Mission Control "change display" with the screens I want. I was able through...
  5. Randallmtx

    Specialized Creo SL E5 Availability?

    So what's up with the availability of the Specialized Creo SL's? I bought a Creo SL back in January and as a result I have several friends that are anxious to have one as well! But we have searched the Specialized website as well as the internet and shops everywhere and only find a few XL's and...
  6. R

    Installing a short stem with high angle of attack on Creo with the future shock 2.0

    Hello, I just bought a Specialized Creo Comp EVO size large and it is going to be delivered in a few days. I'm 66 years old and I'm considering using a short stem with a high angle of attack, in order to increase the hight and reduced the horizontal reach of the handlebar. I would appreciate...
  7. B

    New member Specialized Creo Sl Owner

    Greetings everyone my name is Bill, I am in new Creo SL owner. I would like to start a user group for Creo owners. One of my first questions is does anyone know of a hack for the Creo electronics where you could plug-in your headlight and tail light with a micro USB?
  8. John.JCAT

    New from London, Ontario, Canada - Specialized CREO SL Comp Carbon XXL

    I am 75 years old this year and am retired. In my past cycling career over 35 years, I have been very active in the local cycling clubs as a Touring Director, riding typically between 6,000 and 12,000 Kilometres per year, riding in summer and winter, going on cycling vacations and commuting to...
  9. anandman

    Mission Control/BLEvo Settings for Creo SL

    For all the Creo owners out there, I’m curious to see what custom settings you’re using for the support/power in Mission Control and/or the Smart Power & HR settings in BLEvo. Right now, I‘m just beginning as a road biker and my goal is to improve my cardiovascular fitness so I‘m using BLEvo...
  10. A

    Specialized Creo Changes

    I'm thinking of buying the 2020 Creo SL Expert but before I do I want to find out: 1) If it is possible to tune it to remove the 25kmh limit in Europe (I think the BadassBox 4.0 looks like it should work...