Is there a BionX kit for folding bicycles ?


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I have something like this laying unused in my basement. Is this a waste of time or is there a BionX kit out there I could use to convert this POS bike ? :)
(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)
Maybe a front hub and a small, quality, lightweight rear rack battery? (NTS battery?) Balanced load. 250w or less hub with the proposed Karmic battery. Just thinking out loud, well not out loud, jus thinkin....
Some of those NYCE folding ebikes have intrigued me as well! The batteries on BionX just always look too bulky.
BionX kits are available with a rear rack option for the battery (which seems a little long) or you can do what one of my customers did: use the standard center frame mount and battery on your rear rack. Works like a charm and is more proportional to the shorter dimensions of a 20" folding bike. My bike, a handbuilt Airnimal folding frame with 24" wheels has a waterbottle cage mount on the top tube where the battery is, so the weight distribution is a little better with the center mounted battery and the rear hub motor.
I'd contact NYCEWheels in NYC, I know they do a lot of folding bikes and folding E-bikes; they might be able to help you.