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I just bought 2 Bird ebikes for my wife and myself, but following assembly instructions led to a non-functioning outcome. The power doesn't seem to be getting through.The battery charger continues to shine green when hooked to the battery, which supposedly shows a full charge, but I have my doubts. The battery has a (power?) button on one end with a LED next to it, but does nothing when pushed. Any Bird bike riders who have any ideas?


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Welcome. It is Amazon, so returns are easy at your closest Whole Foods. You might want to make one good faith attempt to contact customer support first.
I'm not familiar with Bird, but some batteries I've seen have a power on delay. Try pressing down on the power button and holding it for a few seconds.
Oh wow. That sucks!. Hopefully there is just a power delay. My Nintendo Switch has a similar delay. That way you don't accidentally turn the thing on. If that's not the case, yes, I would reluctantly return the bike. Or file a claim with the company.

Would there be an issue if you plugged the battery into the charger and then try to power on the battery?
What if Amazon gave him the Bird.
Sorry, I was compelled to make the Bird joke. I couldn't help it because the pun was just laying there out in the open prone. I am truly sympathetic. It appears the bike needs to be kicked-pushed like a skateboard to get going. This is common with many scooters. Give the wheel one full rotation and it will kick in. Push-push with a foot, then pedal. It will go. This safety system prevents it from unintentionally slamming into a glass door when the throttle is touched accidentally, or it rushing headlong into traffic at an intersection. You must demonstrate that you intend to move forward before it will kick in. Tell me if this works. It is a new thing for bikes. Yet highly common with scooters.
Usually, bikes have two switches. First you turn on the battery and then you have to turn on the bike, It would be unusual to have two new bikes not power up.

Is there a control unit on the handlebars with a switch on it? RTFM yet?
My thoughts would be "you bought a bike from amazon............ really !" untested, untried, support local shops.
Hey, were you able to return your Bird Bike? I also have a Bird and can help troubleshoot if you were not able to return it.